#1 Acaena novae-zelandiae

IMG_8873CGPlant #1, the first of many plants I researched and drew and/or painted on Maatsuyker Island.

I know this plant in the Blue Mountains as “bidgee-widgee“.  In Tasmania its common name is “buzzy”.  Wherever it is encountered, it is usually regarded as a pest because the seed heads, with their sharp barbs, stick to your socks, clothes, show-laces, etc. This is one way the plant disperses its seed.

The name is pronounced ay-SEE-nah  no-vay-zee-LAND-ee-ay (thanks to “Tasmanian plant names unravelled“). The genus name comes from Greek “acaina” meaning thorn, referring to the hooked barbs on the fruit. The species name derives from New Zealand where the plant was described.  Despite the fact that many think of this plant as a weed, it is an Australian native.

Here is a picture of my graphite drawing, showing three phases of the development of the flowers.BidgyWidgyGraphiteG

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