#4 Banksia marginata – the lonely Proteaceae

IMG_9732_500gBanksia marginata common name Honeysuckle referring to the large amounts of bird-attracting nectar produced by the golden flower cones. Also known as Silver Banksia, in this case referring to the off-white hairy undersurface of the leaves. The Banksia genus was named in honour of Sir Joseph Banks. Species name marginata comes from Latin “marginatus”, meaning “with a border”, referring in botany to a distinct margin. This is one of only two Proteaceae species recorded on Maatsuyker Island,  (the other is Cennarhenes nitida, Native Plum), leading me to ponder why the Proteaceae family is so poorly represented. At home in the Blue Mountains where Proteaceae species are common, the sandstone soil is nutrient-poor. On Maatsuyker Island, large areas of soil cover are affected by the guano of the colonies of seabirds.

“As already noted, the diversity and abundance of Proteaceae increase from fertile to infertile habitats. Indeed it is only in infertile scrubs and heaths in the region that Proteaceae may completely dominate the canopy.”
Ecology of Proteaceae with special reference to the Sydney region
P.J. Myerscough, R.J. Whelan and R.A. Bradstock

Cunninghamia 6(4): 951–1015

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