A Picture A Day

IMG_8622gRecently as 2015 draws to a close, I have been reading about “one-a-day-projects” which seem like a great idea to keep creativity alive and well. Then I remembered that during my stay on Maatsuyker Island, I took a photo from the same viewpoint every day, mainly to record the changing weather conditions. The view is approximately south; I stood near the NW corner of Q2, our home, so some images include the western wall of the house. I love this view, which features The Needles (weather-permitting) and my favourite Tea-tree Leptospermum scoparium.  As the weeks pass, the photos show the tree transforming from full flower to new growth and fruiting.

This image above is indeed the first daily photo, taken during the morning of Monday Dec 5th soon after we arrived while we were looking around our new home. Notice the beautiful tea-tree in full flower. The day was overcast with low cloud, so the pic does not reflect my very sunny disposition, but it is an excellent image to put The Needles into perspective. The centre rocks are called Little and Large Pyramid. If you click on the pic and enlarge it, you can see a cray fishing boat sitting in the lee of Large Pyramid which is probably about 90m high. Wow!

I will add new photos as time permits… Click to embiggen.


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