A plug for FOMI Exhibition

Maatsuyker Exhibition at the Maritime Museum of Tasmania

The Friends of Maatsuyker Island (FOMI) Wildcare Inc. invites all to visit their temporary exhibition at the Maritime Museum of Tasmania. The exhibition, open until mid-March 2016, showcases urgent works being undertaken by FOMI and the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) to conserve and restore the Maatsuyker Island lighthouse.

Maatsuyker is Australia’s most southerly lightstation and the most intact example of a pre-1900 lighthouse in Australia, essentially unchanged since it opened in 1891. It is the only first order Australian lighthouse that has retained its original roller pedestal, upon which the light mechanism rotates, and includes two fluted rims around the base of the lens. The lighthouse mechanism is also one of the few original mechanisms left in Australia that is still operable.

Maatsuyker was the last lighthouse station to be de-manned in Australia, in 1996. It is not only the intact lens and mechanical apparatus, however, which make the Lighthouse Station significant historically. The beauty of the lighthouse in its remote and spectacular location, off the South West Tasmanian coast, adds immeasurably to its public appeal.

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One Response to A plug for FOMI Exhibition

  1. Robyn Mundy says:

    A fabulous exhibition that highlights a spectacular place. The exhibition has been extended for several more weeks through April!

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