My Maatsuyker Island Plant List

This plant list is a record of the plants I observed and studied on Maatsuyker Island during my artist residency. I am not a trained botanist so this list is informed by plant lists built by previous Maat visitors and my own identification skills. Therefore it should not be used as a definitive, accurate reference.

Acaena novae-zelandiae – Buzzy

Banksia marginata – Silver Banksia

Blandfordia punicea – Tasmanian Christmas Bell

Clematis aristata – Old Mans Beard

Coronidium scorpioides – Button Everlasting

Correa backhouseana – Coastal Correa

Drymophila cyanocarpa – Turquoise Berry

Exocarpos strictus – Native Cherry

Eucalyptus nitida – Smithton Peppermint

Leptecophylla juniperina – Common Pinkberry

Leptospermum scoparium – Tea-tree

Olearia persoonioides – Geebung Daisybush

Olearia phlogopappa – Dusty Daisybush

Pelargonium australe – Southern Storksbill

Pimelea drupacea – Cherry Riceflower

Pittosporum bicolor – Cheesewood

Stylidium graminifolium– Triggerplant

Thelymitra nuda – Sun Orchid

Xerochrysum papillosum – Paper Daisy

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