A Worthy Cause

I make note cards of my drawings. Proceeds of the sales go to Friends of Maatsuyker Island for their work in maintaining the cultural and natural heritage values of Maatsuyker Island. Each folded card is 5.5″x4.2″  or  14 x 10.5 cm and comes with a plain white envelope.

Please contact me (marg at adelie.com.au) if you would like to buy these cards.

ACZ_FrontAcaene novae-zelandiae, Common Buzzy  This is a portion of a drawing that features a blow-up of the flower head (showing male and female floral parts) set against the depiction of the plant’s foliage and habit. The inside of the card is blank. The back side of the card is printed as shown below. My blog page on this plant is here.


BlaPun_FrontBlandfordia punicea, Christmas Bells









TasLan_FrontTasmannia lanceolata, Native Pepper.