About me

I retired in 2013 and live with my husband in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.

I worked for almost 40 years with a large multi-national computer company providing  software support on large mainframes. Simply put, my job of investigating and solving software problems was like doing Sudoku puzzles, gathering all available information to find the unique solution. I was fortunate that the job took me traveling to many parts of Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the US, and occasionally to England and Europe.

Since our relocation from Sydney to Leura, I have developed a deep interest in the native plants of the Blue Mountains. Our house is situated on a bush-block and I was lucky enough to attend several semesters of Native Plant Identification classes at the local TAFE.

Perhaps the constant attention to detail of my software support role led me to my passion for botanical illustration of Australia’s native plants. I have been learning to paint and draw since 2006. I also have a strong desire to visit Australia’s remote wild places. So, the opportunity for an art residency on Maatsuyker Island was a dream come true.

Marg Beal


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