Maatsuyker Island Liighthouse

Maatsuyker Island Liighthouse

This is the story of my self-funded artist residency on Maatsuyker Island between December 2011 and February 2012. My art project was to paint and draw as many flowering native plants as I was able in the time available.

This blog is a set of posts about each of the native plants I observed during my stay.  As well as photographs and morphological characteristics of each plant, I have also included images of the botanical drawings and paintings I did (and continue to do), along with additional information I uncovered during my research. Investigating a particular plant’s characteristics leads me to questions about geology, climate, history and ecology of the island.

I also include posts about daily life as an artist-in-residence on Maatsuyker Island which may help provide some insight into this unique Garden of Eden, home to Australia’s most southern lighthouse.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and I welcome your feedback, questions and comments.

While the magical Maatsuyker experience is now some years behind me, researching and writing for this blog keeps the memories vividly alive as I re-view my photographs, re-read my diary,  and continue working on incomplete art pieces I started on the island. Hopefully my quest will never end.


This photo, perhaps more than any other I took during my stay on the island, transports me instantly. It is the view of The Needles from the back (enclosed) verandah of Q2 where my “art studio” was set up. Although we experienced many warm, sunny, calm days, the rain on the window at sunset evokes for me my sadness at having to leave Maatsuyker Island, and the ever-powerful longing to return.


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